Annual Report 2015-16

The annual report describes the Commission’s performance by detailing the achievements, performance, future priorities and financial position 2015-16.

It demonstrates the department’s accountability and transparency by enabling the Minister, Queensland Government, Australian Government and the broader community to assess our efficiency and effectiveness in performing the functions of the Commission in the Welfare Reform communities of Aurukun, Coen, Doomadgee Hope Vale and Mossman Gorge.

Full report

In sections

    Appendix D – Welfare Reform

Additional online information

Additional 2015-16 performance information in relation to:

  • Consultants and contractors
  • International travel
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Carbon emissions
  • Indigenous matters (Reconciliation)
  • Right to Information Act 2009 and Information Privacy Act 2009
  • Complaints management
  • Corporate services and
  • Workplace health and safety

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Further enquiries

For enquiries or further information about this report, please contact Maxine McLeod, Registrar, Family Responsibilities Commission

Telephone: 07 4057 3871


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