About the FRC

Our Vision

Vibrant welfare reform communities that are responsible, healthy, safe and sustainable.

Our Purpose

To support welfare reform community members in restoring socially responsible standards of behaviour, local authority and wellbeing for themselves and their families.

Our Objectives

  • To support the restoration of socially responsible standards of behaviour and local authority in welfare reform communities
  • To help people in welfare reform communities to resume primary responsibility for the wellbeing of their communities and the individuals and families of their communities
  • To improve organisational capability by creating a capable, agile and innovative organisation
  • To improve organisational capability by knowing our clients, communities and building partnerships

Our Values

  • Safety: We value the right of everyone to live in safe communities.
  • Respect: We believe that respect for oneself builds the foundation for wellbeing.
  • Ownership: We are committed to encouraging communities to take ownership of their present and future.
  • Innovation: We actively seek and encourage creative ideas to build the potential for lasting change
  • Empowerment: We are committed to empowering people to take the initiative to reform their communities and build their own direction and future.
  • Diversity: We are passionate about respecting the diversity and cultural richness of the communities.

Service Charter Statement

The Family Responsibilities Commission knows that you value good customer service. Our aim is to give you the best service we can. We will work with clients and stakeholders to deliver outputs for the State and Australian Governments that achieve the outcomes sought for the welfare reform communities. In doing so, we will nurture a spirit of inquiry and innovation, and will embrace the challenge of sourcing unconventional and creative solutions to address the complex problems that confront our communities.

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