Accessing Information

Information regarding the Commission’s services and business operations is provided in our corporate documents and publications on the home page and also through our publication scheme. Our publication scheme provides information about the Commission, our services, finances, priorities, decisions, policies and registers.

Details about the personal information held by the Family Responsibilities Commission are outlined in the Commission’s Privacy Policy. A copy of this policy may be viewed on the Commission’s intranet and under Policies and Guidelines on the Commission’s webpage. The Privacy Policy details the steps the Commission will take to address its obligations under the IP Act.

To access information of a non-personal nature that is not contained in the Commission’s public documents and webpage, a formal application under the RTI Act can be made. To access information of a personal nature, not available in public documents or on our webpage, a formal application under the IP Act can be made. It is recommended that contact is made with the Commission prior to making a formal application as the applicant may not need to make a formal application to access the information sought.

Applications for access must be submitted in the approved form, give sufficient information concerning the document to enable the Commission to identify the document and include a return address for notification as to whether the information can be provided under the relevant Act. If an applicant wishes to apply online for either public or personal information, they may use the Queensland Government’s online application form. Alternatively, an applicant may contact the Commission directly to obtain the above application form.

  • An application fee of $46.40 applies to access information under the RTI Act, or to access information which is a combination of personal and non-personal information. The fee is current as from February 2017 however fees and charges increase by a small amount each financial year. Additional processing and access charges may apply. A processing charge is a charge in relation to searching for or retrieving a document and making or doing things necessary in making a decision in regard to the application. Access charges are charges prescribed under regulation in relation to the giving of access to the document.

To access information which is strictly of a personal nature under the IP Act, no application fee or processing charges apply, however, access charges may be payable by the applicant.

Open Data

On 9 October 2012, the Queensland Premier announced an “open data revolution”, committing to providing the public with data from across all sections of government. This data is to be provided on the basis that it can be republished without copyright restrictions or patents and utilised for the benefit of all Queenslanders. The data provided must be non-personal data (data which does not reveal identifying information about individuals). The Queensland Government’s aim of providing government data is to encourage the innovative use of government data for practical applications, and for the benefit of society generally. The Commission publishes datasets on the Open Data Portal.

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